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Saturday, February 13, 2016


It really is a cool sign.  I just take crappy pictures in addition to not having my glasses on.

One class in and I am psyched to be taking the bar technique class at Skill of Strength.  Some of the things I was worried about did not materialize or maybe they did and I was able to deal with them.
I am always uncomfortable when I first do something.  I don't know the people or the procedure.  Heading to Skill of Strength was no exception.  I sat in my car looking in the windows.  Damn there were a lot of people working out in there.  Long story short, I met up with Mike Perry, co-owner with his wife and got settled.  There were some awkward moments for me about the procedure for the class  but I think I got it down.
Good of the trainers was my trainer at the SFG certification and my training partner at SFG trainers at SOS.  So psyched to see her again.  She's also taking the Barbell cert. 
It is an hour long class.  We worked two moves.  The deadlift and the bench.  Mike said I am going to critique the shit out of you (okay maybe I am paraphrasing) and I said that is what I am here for.  Learned a lot.  My deadlift technique improved after one class and I got back to benching.  I haven't benched much since the Arnold. 
My second worry was that I would be able to lift any thing heavy and be motivated after a long day at work...on Thursdays I start at 6:00 am.  Ya know what?  It was easy.  The drive worked out.  I was excited to learn and at the end of the class I felt pumped.  I was invigorated and not ready to fall asleep.
I hope to be able to outline my journey to the SFG barbell certification.  Going through the certification is incredible and draining.  Me...I love, love, love the process of getting to the weekend.  And so it begins.

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