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Friday, February 26, 2016


This is the bar I have at home.  The two 25-pound plates arrived this past Monday. So now the max I can lift at home is 175 pounds which should be good for working on form but....

Quick update...after the work out on Monday, I used kettlebells to work out during the week.  I did a regular work out this morning and decided to work on deadlift form later in the day.  I warmed up with 125 pounds and then moved right into 175 pounds.  (Someone needs a couple 10 pound plates.)  175 felt difficult today.  I guess that just happens sometimes.

I didn't make the barbell class at SOS last night because I had a prior commitment.  Now I am all in every week!

In case you were wondering, the pumpkin is from my garden this past summer.  It decided to hang out by the pellet stove during the winter.  It still looks beautiful!

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