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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Today Dave Mirra, BMX legend, killed himself.  He was 41 years old.  He left a wife and two children.  The details have not been reported but apparently he suffered from depression.  Today, after posting a picture on his website of his wife and himself calling her his rock, he shot himself in his truck.  I keep searching for stories that will make sense of his actions.  There are none.

The boy was into BMX biking and skateboarding.  As a result, for 2 or 3 years in a row, we went to the Gravity Games in Providence, RI.  Dave Mirra was at the top of his biking game at that time.  I saw Dave Mirra up close and personal at the Gravity Games in Providence, RI on several occasions.  The venue was outdoors and lent itself for interaction with the athletes.   Not only was he the best BMX biker but he was humble and knew the importance of interacting with young kids...young kids who looked up to him. 

The following video shows some of who the public Dave Mirra as a BMX biker.  It also shows his transition to Ironman...something I did not know that he was doing until I saw this video.

I have great memories of watching him ride and of spending such great time with my son.  Dave Mirra inspired me enough to BMX with my son.  Not all of it was positive and I have a scar on my nose to prove it!!!

Rest in peace Dave Mirra.  I will always remember your spirit.  I am very sad that you could not find peace in this life. 

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