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Sunday, May 1, 2016


April was a month of adventure but one adventure was particularly noteworthy.  It was significant and meaningful.

When I was an RE teacher and youth advisor at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn, Jordan Calixto (playing the bass above) was in my classes and in my youth group.  Jordan was rambunctious, lively, inquisitive, intelligence, talented and could always make me laugh.  My friend and I who were co-teachers and co-advisors knew Jordan was a special kid. 

When Jordan's mother, Carolyn, invited me to Jordan's solo graduation recital at Juilliard (yes, this talented kid was accepted at Juilliard.)  I knew I had to make it happen.  NYC?  No problem.  Hotel?  Hilton Honors points for the hotel.  I thought the pain in my leg might be a deterrent because driving was difficult.  Nope.  Two mile walk from the hotel to Juilliard.  No problem.   I can make it there and back.  Like I said...I was going to make it happen.

Watching this incredibly talented and dedicated young man perform meant more than words.  I knew him when he was just a little kid and now he is this amazing and amazingly talented young man.  He did Bach, as a solo, on the bass.  My favorite of the night was the medley of Bela Bartook that he performed with an equally talented violinist.  Not easy.  And prior to intermission, Jordan spoke from the heart. 

 Prior to attending Juilliard, Jordan performed with YoYo Ma (when he was in the 6th grade), performed with the BSO Youth Symphony and spent 3 or 4 summers at Tanglewood.  Check it out in the article below.

Jordan is second from the right.

Just when I didn't think the evening couldn't get any better, well it almost did.  (Nothing could beat listening to Jordan.)  Carolyn invited me to join the after party at the Lincoln Street Grill, a sports bar, with excellent beer and excellent food.  I've known Carolyn for a long time but didn't know her extended family.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love family history.  There are always so many interesting stories.  Carolyn's family was no different.  Just such nice people.  At times, it was fun just watching everyone interact.  I also love sitting around talking over good food.  Plenty of delicious food was passed around the table.  I was honored to have been included. 

I even managed to stay up past my bedtime. 

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