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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


 Do we all have our garden planted?  Partially planted?  If you do, what is planted? 

So far I have:

20 tomatoes plants in the ground and in pots. (We usually aim for 35 plants)
Sweet potatoes
Habanero, Jalapeno, Cubanelles and Green Peppers
Red leaf, green leaf and some bitter lettuce
Butternut squash
Italian zucchini

I think that is everything so far.  Oh and we have seeds in...kale and broccoli rabe.

And what have I used so far...


Sage..fresh sage is a must in this recipe.

All the different kinds of lettuce and the spinach.  I used the parsley trying to re-create my mother's chicken nardizzi.  I was moderately successful.  I planted plenty of parsley to keep trying.  I used the sage for an awesome pork recipe by Elizabeth Minchilli.  More information and pictures about those two recipes will follow.  If you can't wait for the pork and sage and tomato recipe, check it out at the link below.  Fresh sage from your garden people is the key to this recipe...oh and good pork.

She is also a great food tour guide of Rome but that is a story for another day.

What do you do with mint that grows like crazy?  Well, Mint Julips of course.  I don't make Mint Julips but the boy does.  I make chocolate chip mint ice cream.  So delicious. 

You all know I believe gardening, farmer's market and locally sourced food is the healthiest way to live but what about those time when you need something decadent?  My go to is usually ice cream.  However, I keep thinking about the most delicious hot dog in the world.  I had it this past weekend and it was heaven.  I was so focused on the dog I didn't even think about pictures.  

A local equivalent?  Fred's Franks in Wakefield, MA, right on Lake Quinapowett near Route 128.  I spent just about a whole summer eating hot dogs from Fred at lunch..meeting and listening to a friend in distress.    They needed  a friend and someone to listen.  I was more than willing.  The side benefit was the hot dogs.

Check their hours before you go to make sure they are open. 

Not everyone can get to what is your favorite hotdog?  No, disgusting is not an answer. 

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