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Monday, May 2, 2016


at the Newburyport Summer Farmer's Market...side note:  Unfortunately, I took no pictures at the Market.  Pictures of products were taken when I got home.  Pictures of vendors are from their sites.  I have this tendency to live in the moment.  I am busy looking at products, talking to vendors, and listening to music.  Photos totally escape me.

I bought some watermelon radishes and lettuce but unfortunately I forget the name of the vendor.  They are always in Newburyport so I should know the name.

Shopping at Farmers Markets and shopping locally is expensive.  It is expensive operating a small farm and it is hard work.  I wish we valued the work they do.  I wish their product was available to everyone.  I thought of making and marketing a product.  When I priced it out, it just seemed way too expensive and the profit would be too small. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

and Tom was here today.  When either of the owners of Lilac Hedge are on-site I have a tendency to talk too much.  I love them.  Today, I kept quiet so they could sell their products.


Hackmatack is new to Newburyport.  They are a Bison Farm.  They have 24 bison on huge acreage (I forget how much) in Berwick, ME.  They have a variety of cuts of bison.  I picked some ground bison and short ribs. 

They seem to be a young family trying to make a go of farming. 



Valicenti has been around forever.  They make a great pasta product from spaghetti to ravioli.  I am not a huge fan of the gravy probably because I make my own (in summer with my own tomatoes) but I tried their Butternut Squash gravy.  It is unique and fabulous. 


and the baby goats were in the house.  Goat love!  A little girl was able to hold one of the babies...the goat was just so sweet and cuddly. 


Cracked Pepper Goat Cheese


I am not yet back to my Certification Training Program.  I've been working my own program but I can't barbell squat or deadlift.  I've been doing some 70 kettlebell deadlifts and those are fine.  OK...I tried some 125 barbell deadlifts and when I hit the third set I felt some pain in the knee.  Ortho MD said wait 2 weeks for deadlifts and squat so I guess I should wait two weeks.

Pat Flynn put together this great kettlebell routine that, when I am not training for a certification, I've incorporated into my workout routine.  I have been able to successful do this since getting theknee drained.  It includes the following:

5 Rounds
     3 reps of swings
     3 reps of one handed swings
     3 reps of cleans
     3 reps of presses
     3 reps of snatches

REST about 60 seconds

5 Rounds
     4 reps of swings
     4 reps of one handed swings
     4 reps of cleans
     4 reps of presses
     4 reps of snatches

REST about 60 seconds

5 Rounds      
     5 reps of swings
     5 reps of one handed swings
     5 reps of cleans
     5 reps of presses
     5 reps of snatches

Today, I am going to try barbell military presses and bench pressing.  Prior to my orthopedic appointment, I felt those in my IT band.  I have been working with Kevin on the IT.

So, will I be able to do the StrongFirst barbell certification or not.  I am still not sure.

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