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Friday, May 22, 2015


In my post on Tequila, I promised a review of the French wine tasting I attended at Kappy's.  I took copious notes and was looking forward to sharing my insights.  The unfortunate part of the story is I can't find those the moment.  Oh I will find them.

So to make up for the lack of a French wine review, I headed to Mill River Winery in Rowley, MA to participate in their Friday after work happy hour.  Tonight was a sampling of their Sangria complete with Mexican appetizers.  At the same time, all their wines are available by the glass. 

I was prepared to take voluminous pictures with my old blackberry to share.  I was so caught up in the moment that they only picture I took was this....and yes the sign says Mill River Winery.

Their story....  

Rick & Donna’s story is about friendship, chemistry and hard work.
Pair Donna, a Ph.D. chemist, with Rick, an accomplished amateur wine maker, add Dodge’s Cider Mill, a year’s worth of renovations and a dedicated team of employees here we are – Mill River Winery.
Located on 3.3 acres of the picturesque North Shore of Massachusetts, our winery reflects the history and charm of this area that we call home. We opened in July 2011, with a mission of producing handcrafted wines using the finest grapes from Massachusetts and other notable wine regions.  Our 2010 Naked Chardonnay was awarded a silver medal by the American Wine Society  and was a sign of great things to come.
We love wine making and its perfect combination of science, precision, passion and fun.  We can think of no greater fortune than knowing that when you raise your glass with family and friends, our wines will be part of your enjoyment.
We hope to meet you soon at Mill River Winery!
 Donna Martin & Rick Rousseau
Winemakers and Owners

You all know I love buying local.  So after a couple of glasses of wine onsite, I had to buy a couple bottles of my favorite wine, Mill River Winery Plantation.  It is as dry a red wine you can get.  The bartender was very excited when I ordered it.  She said it was her favorite and that it hadn't been in stock for a few months.  Tonight was the first time it was available in awhile.  If you love really dry red wines get some before it is gone.

They also made a Merlot a couple years ago that was fantastic.  Hopefully, they are planning a second batch. 

I am typically not a white wine drinker.  Their white wines, in particular the Plum Island White, are way too sweet for me.  If you like sweet white wines, I say give them a try. 

Because sometimes in life you need a good glass of wine and a good cry or sometimes you need to raise a glass to someone in your life who was very special...I purchased the Mill River Winery Riesling as a gift.

The three pack.

You can find them at  

And just because I love this shirt I want to share a picture!

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