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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


StrongFirst certification...StrongFirst certification...StrongFrist certification....StrongFirst certification

Those words seem to be my common refrain for these past few months.  I am so on a fence here.  The problem is I have always believed in my ability to conquer these challenges.  I have always feel strong enough to approach a challenge with the expectation of being successful.  I believe deep in my heart that I am mentally and physically strong.

Until now...This week I received an email from StrongFirst letting me know there are only 8 spots left for the Boston (Somerville actually) Level 1 certification. 

I am trying to figure out if it is my body holding me back or my mind (and the thought of spending all that money if my body isn't operational does make me crazy).

Artemis at Iron Body Studios wrote the perfect motivation blog post this week.  It is worth a read.  It speaks to commitment, dedication, and focusing on a goal.

Artemis - Iron Maiden Challenge

and I thought, "I've got this!"  "I can do this." 

But what if it really feels like my body isn't cooperating.  For example, I have always been proud of my ability to squat.  Ass to the grass baby.  I could barbell squat 75 pounds and easily squat two 12 pound KB.  Not so much this week.  Okay, not just this week but recently.  It just isn't feeling right.  That is just one example.

Then I think, for me, it isn't always about the end result.  I enjoy the process.  The process of training and the process of participating in the program.

Or maybe I am just waiting for the class to fill up so I can say to all of you and myself, "Ya, I was going to do the certification but the class filled up before I could sign up." 

I feel like a yoyo here.

My question to you is...What would you do?

If you are really interested in what this is all about, check out this article...

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