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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We have all been dealing with a little bit of snow here in the Northeast.  To help you understand just how much a little bit is...this is the view from my front window.

Snow aside, My glass is raised to new beginnings.  (Yes I love toasts but that is another story.)  I am almost officially training for the StrongFirst Certification.  Injuries seem under control.  I have been training with Artemis at Iron Body Studies in her Women's Strength Training class.  She is a great coach and a great inspiration. 

I've enrolled in her Certification Program beginning in April.  What ever happens, happens.  I will give my best effort both mentally and physically and enjoy the process and at the end of the long three day week-end, I will be joyful about what I have accomplished.

It was with sadness that I stopped going to MBSC.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 AM for the past 5-6 years that is where you could find me.  

Swinging kettles, agility drills, benching, bear crawls, Turkish Get Ups, battle ropes and assisted chin ups were all new to my exercise repertoire.  Since I've left what do I miss the most?  

I could push and pull 400 pounds. I felt strong.  It is a great strength and cardio work out.  If you know me, you know that there is a possibility of one turning up at my house.

But...I needed a change.  I needed to be working on a new goal.  I've found the goal and a new place to train.

In addition to training at IRON BODY STUDIOS, I am creating my own programs and training at the Y.  The Torigian Y added new equipment and increased space. 

I set goals and accomplished two out of three.  The bench press is slightly behind.  My deadlift PR is 205.  My glute bridge PR is 265.  My bench PR is 95 but because of injury continuing to bench has been derailed. 

I feel very good about my new fitness can be 57 and get stronger.  You can begin the process of becoming a fitness professional. 

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