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Monday, February 16, 2015


There are many reasons we are better after 50.  The most important for me is my increasing ability to lift heavy weights and to feel comfortable and confident in the weight room. 
After a week or two off from barbell deadlifting (damn you snow), I got back to it today.  I made an attempt at a new PR of 210 and failed but was happy.  Of course, I would have loved to have pulled 210 pounds.  I just didn't have 210 today.
The good news and the positive...I got to 205 pretty easily and did 3 reps.  Why did 205, 200, 195, 190 etc feel easy?  I credit deadlifting with KBs.  I haven't been using weight as heavy as my barbell deadlifts.  They are still heavy...up to 175 pounds...but they are different and more difficult.  I was very happy despite not hitting the PR.  It is all a matter of how you view the situation and it was all good. 
After foam rolling and warm up, my complete work out consisted of a rotation of
KB Swings
Straight leg sit ups and
Ab roll outs.
235 pound glute bridges followed by KB squats for 3 sets. 
I finished with double KB swings and Turkish Get Ups.
My intention had been to practice my assisted chin ups.  I bought a one inch band and half inch band to work it at the Y.  I've been doing chin ups on Saturday and they are progressing.  I am getting better.  Chin ups are one of those exercises I never thought I would be able to do.  Now, one a positive note, I believe I will get there.  I believe that someday, sooner rather than later, I will do one without those bands. 
Using two similar bands at Iron Body Studios (See the photos below), I was able to do 3 sets of 3, 3, 2. 
I know my pictures are terrible.  The plan is to get better at photography but I just don't have the equipment or space to take great pics.  Still I want to share.  Here are the bands so you get the idea.

Throughout my work out I carried those bands around in this little bag which I am assuming looked ridiculous. 
With great anticipation and a little bit of anxiety, I head over to the area where I intended to set up the bands.  Two guys are using it.  No problem.  I can walk around the track for awhile.  They finish...I head to get the stools so that I can reach the bar and the bands.  Note...I am pretty short.  The stools are being used.  At this point, although disappointed, I decided today is not the day to try chin ups at the Y.  There is always Wednesday.
Why are you better after 50?
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  1. You are inspiring. I need to get moving again with weight training. Been good at the gym and kickboxing, but minimal weights. I know I need to do this. And, yes, 50+ is so much better.

    1. Thanks for your response Janice...kickboxing is an awesome workout. I did Muay Thai for about a year and it was so much fun. Love kicking things.