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Monday, February 23, 2015


The weather has not been cooperative.  Cold temperatures and lots of snow...just didn't feel up to snowshoeing.  Yesterday was perfect.  Early in the afternoon I pulled out the snowshoes and went off to Lynn Woods for an afternoon of taking in nature.  The fresh air was invigorating.  The temperature was warm.  I only wore a sweatshirt.  If you went off the main trails, the snowshoeing was still good.  Here are some of the pictures of my fun in the snow...

Only the beginning...snowshoes and poles ready to go. 

The road ahead...

Beneath the trees

Can you see the animal?

Beauty and tranquility of Lynn Woods
Camp Hill, a favorite hiking spot in summer.  With the trees bare, you can see to the ocean.
On the hill...can we see the ocean?
Time to head back... 

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