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Saturday, March 26, 2016


Just jumping  in to post a couple of work outs on the road to certification.  Weights are progressing.  I am getting into a rhythm and a groove.  As I've said many times, I have to enjoy the process to achieve the goal.  So far, so good.

Warming up at the Y

Week 3; Day 1 at Skill of Strength on Thursday 3/24/16

This was my first time doing the open gym at SOS instead of the Barbell Class.  I went to follow the program and to get some feedback.  I gotta tell you...when I start new at a new gym I feel so awkward.  It takes me awhile to adjust.  I need to learn how people operate at a new gym.  ARRGGGGG

Here are the stats:

Deadlift:  I pulled 150 pounds all 5 sets. It felt easy.  Here is what I learned...if it feels easy, go up in weight.  Yes, I knew that but I needed someone to say it to me. 

Bench Press:  Started at 45 pounds.  Way to easy.  I went up and ended at 70 pounds.  Next week 70 pounds will be my starting point and I will go up from there.

Then I did my circuit of rows, shoulder taps and swiss ball hamstring curls to end the night.

I did a warm up and stretching at the end.  Then I made the long drive home from Chelmsford to Lynn. 

Week 3; Day 2 at the Torigian YMCA on Saturday, 3/26/16

Holy crap and not because it is Easter.  The Y was packed this morning.  I was concerned about getting the work out in.  After I was finished warming up it had cleared out.

Military Press:  I decided for some unknown reason it would be a good idea to start at 55 pounds.  It wasn't.  I took off weight and did the second and third sets with 50 pounds.  Much better decision.  I did the last set with 55 pounds and it felt good. 

After my first set, I felt a bit discouraged.  I have to hit 115 pounds by June 10.  When I finished up I felt much better.  I had regained my confidence.

Barbell Romanian Deadlift:  As I was loading up the bar and was at 135 pounds, a guy at the gym said to me, "Are you going to press that?"  I laughed and said no.  Stop and thought about it and said, well for my current goal I need to get close to 135 pounds.  This guy, who I've seen at the Y paid me a very nice compliment.  He said if anyone at the gym could lift that weight you can.  You will get there.  I've watched your dedication in the gym.  You will do this.  Usually these compliments make me uncomfortable but I took it in the spirit it was meant and said, "Thank you very much.  I appreciate it."  And...I felt good.

I advanced the RDL to 145 pounds this week.  145 was where I needed to be today because I am doing 10 reps for each set.  This is not an exercise I have done frequently.  I am loving the moment.  My butt is loving it too.   

I finished with TRX rows, skater squats, and stir the pot.  My program calls for split squats but I have been unable to do them because of bad toes.  Today, I decided to make the adjustment and do skater squats...felt like a good decision.  I have not done them for awhile so I only used two 7.5 weights. 

No, I did not use a weighted vest while doing the skater squats as Ben Bruno did in the video below.

Torched for the day. 

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