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Monday, March 28, 2016



I have this on a carousel in my brain 24/7.  It is so easy for me to want to step outside my training program.  I want to do get ups, swings and even carries.  Even though I was given the okay, I've come to believe it is not the smartest thing for me to do.  Upper body is holding up during this training but the lower body not so much.  The IT is flaring for one.  It was flaring so much I decided to go to the YMCA instead of Skill of Strength to work it out...I did but....

And then along comes this one week before the certification...

Advanced Skills Kettlebell Workshop at Iron Body Studios.  I can't get it out of my head. 


can do double KB Presses but not a double KB jerk, Windmill, bent press or double KB snatch.  I can't not even tell you how much I want to learn those skills.  They are challenging and difficult but one week before the Barbell Certification?  Am I crazy?
Not only that...Artemis is a fantastic coach and such a strong woman.  There is no one better to teach these skills. 
There goes the ping pong in my head.  Yes, I want to do the workshop.  It is only a half a day.  I will go easy. go easy learning a double KB snatch. 

And on the other are training with a specific program for a specific goal.  What is wrong with you even thinking about this?  What if you get injured?  Then what?
Ping pong in my brain.
On to today's training session:
Week 3: Day 3:
I did some significant foam rolling, stretching and mobility work today.  The IT band needed some work.  It feels better.  Here are the stats:
SQUAT:  Max weight was 60 pounds which is an increase of 5 pounds from last week.  Squats were low and pain free.  Slow and steady to 115 pounds.
PAUSE BENCH PRESS - 2 SECOND PAUSE AT THE BOTTOM:  Max weight was 55 pounds which is a 5 pound increase from last week.  The pause at the bottom makes this more difficult. 
The a circuit of high rep goblet squats using 12KG kettlebell and leg lowers. 
Happy that I got it done...

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