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Friday, March 4, 2016


Just a brief update regarding my training...if you are on the journey with me.

Last year when training for the SFG, Eric Gahan at Iron Body Studios said to me, "Remember the goal!"  It was one of the most important things said to me during my training because I have a tendency to push my limits.  If I wanted to be a certified StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor, I needed to not go beyond the certification requirements.

So Thursday night after the barbell class at SOS, I met with Mike Perry to discuss my training plan for the StrongFirst barbell certification.  He said I would be doing the program 3 days a week.  My response...wait!!!  what!!!!  I would only be training three days and resting four.  Really???  Seriously???

His response...what's the goal?  This plan gets you to the goal.  This program will involve initially lifting lower weights for longer reps and then really heavy weights for less reps.  My system, especially since I am older, will be stressed and needs rest.   He did say, a couple times, that I could walk....

So once again, preparing for this cert will not only involve training my physical capabilities but will also involve taming my mental desire to push myself physically.  Sometimes that is a greater challenge.

Confirmation of needing rest is in the training...What I have learned from 3 weeks of training at SOS on Thursday nights is that Friday morning my body does feel exhausted.  I don't usually sleep a lot but I find I easily fall asleep Thursday night and don't wake until 3:00 - 3:30 in the morning.  As we get older and we weight train, we really do need sleep and recovery time.


 On Thursday, we trained deadlifts and military presses.  I hit 190 pounds on the deadlifts but kept the military presses to 45 pounds for now until I am really comfortable with my form.

My deadlift form gets better and better each week...little tweaks make a huge difference.

Tomorrow is a big day for me in the gym.  I need to find out what numbers I have to hit for the certification and need to determine the following for the deadlift, military press, bench press, and squat...what my max weight is at 5 reps, 4 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps and  1 rep.  Stay tuned for more information.

And that is all she wrote.  Hopefully, at some point in the process, I will have more photos to share.  I suck when it comes to photos. 

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