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Monday, March 14, 2016


As I listened to and read about the violence and subtle calls to violence by Trump and his supporters, I felt a sense of pain and embarrassment for the United States.  (Okay.  Maybe not so subtle calls.) Hearing the threats of one candidate against another, I had to find a touchstone of kindness in my life.  There are many, many examples of people being kind to me but these two examples have stayed with me.
I meant to share this story when I did my review of the KB Instructor Certification.  Unfortunately I was never able to put words to paper but this story was an important part of my success. 
Last August I took the Strong First Kettlebell Instructor Certification at Achieve Fitness in Somerville.  I can't remember ever feeling so nervous.  Not only would I be testing myself physical, but I was facing a major mental challenge.  The mental challenge was not just pushing through physical exhaustion but spending 3 days for 9 hours/day socially interacting with coaches and other participants.  As an introvert, it was daunting.  I was looking for any way out.  It was a Friday morning.  Parking in Somerville...ha ha ha.  Not the easiest thing to find.  I could not find a space.  No space?  I wasn't meant to do this...and then what happens a space opens in front of the Greek Club a stone's throw from Achieve Fitness.  Point is, I was a wreck heading into the gym but said to no one in particular, "Guess I gotta to do this..."
After an exhausting morning, I headed out for lunch which was in my car.  An older man was sitting on the bench outside the Greek Club drinking his coffee.  He asked if I liked strong Greek coffee and asked me to join him which shockingly I did.  He asked the gentleman inside to get me one of those strong Greek iced coffees and a bottle of water.  We talked for an hour about who I was and what I was doing.  We talked about where he was from and life in Greece. 
When I got my lunch I was feeling like I need to be alone.  However, this man's kindness and conversation was what I need.  It rejuvenated me.  I was ready to take on the afternoon!
The second act of kindness...anyone who reads this blog or my facebook page knows I love the Newburyport Farmer's Market.  Usually I go messy and sweaty after working out.  This one particular day, I decided I needed eggs and not just any eggs.  I needed eggs from 17 State Street Cafe in downtown Newburyport.

I was seated at a rather large table for one person.  I ordered and was drinking my coffee...just chilling for a bit...lost in my thoughts.
The waitress came over and asked if I would move to a smaller table which I problem.  It was a large table and apparently there was a very large party waiting to be seated.  The waitress thanked me a number of times for being so accommodating. 
I finished and asked for the check.  The waitress said,  "No, you were very nice about moving to another table.  You do not have to pay for your breakfast.  I am picking up the check."
I was very moved at the time, and still am, by how nice she was to do that.  
How great would life be if we could all be just a little nicer, a little kinder to each other?  She felt good because I moved without complaint.  Why should changing tables be a problem for me?  She paid for my meal.  We both felt good that Sunday because of a little bit of kindness and consideration.   

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