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Monday, March 21, 2016


I previously said that I would log my workouts.  This may not be of interest to everyone but it does help me.  Some of you may want to follow my progress.

Why does it help me to log them here?  Because I am a hot mess when I am responsible for keeping a written log.  The paper gets lost only to be found years later.  Just how it goes.  I can't change it.

So I give you Week 2; Day 3 (Monday March 21, 2016)

I did my warm up which included Turkish Get Ups and Swings although I had to cut the TGUs short.  I was at the Y and for some reason I ended up surrounded by people.  TGUs and people nearby is an opportunity for injury....there's not mine. 

Here is Artemis of Iron Body Studios doing a TGU...Just so you know what I am talking about.  She is one incredibly strong woman. 

Squats:  Last week my max was 50 pounds; this week 55.  I always considered myself a master squatter.  (YIKES)  My legs have felt torched and they have felt tender.  In the end, it all worked out though.

Bench Press with two second pause at the bottom:  Last week, I started out at a higher weight thinking, "Hey, I am benching.  No big deal."  Turns out that 2 second pause at the bottom is a big deal.  I only used 50 pounds which felt too light but stuck with it.  I could "feel the bern."  (Little shout out to Bernie.)

Light day Military Press:  Went light.  Groove felt good. 

Then a rotation of high rep goblet squats (I used a 20 pound kettlebell) and leg lowers.  Let me just say....we are seriously talking a lot of goblet squats.

One thing Mike Perry insists on with this program is that you don't miss a rep so when the weight felt heavy I could hear him in my ear saying don't miss a rep especially while doing a gazillion goblet squats. 

It all felt really good.  I do feel that maybe I should have challenged myself a little more. 

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