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Saturday, March 19, 2016


Old lady rocking the wild leggings...

I am now working the second week of my "Road to Strong First Barbell Certification" Program. 

The first week was spent just getting use to and understanding the program.  I did have some moments, because of body concerns, where I thought this might be physically undoable for me.  I have many physical issues that have to be watched.  I still have some concerns about getting some of this done....can I really do a 115 pound military press for 5 reps?  Normally I would say hell is what I do.  Still, I will enjoy the process and the certification week end.

The second week has mostly been successful.  The plan was to go to SOS last Thursday to Day 1 of Week 2.  Car problems put a damper on that.  Luckily for me I had enough equipment at home to get it done.

I don't want to share too much about the is a program written by Mike Perry. 

What I did last Thursday was...

Week 2; Day 1 (Thursday, March 18, 2016)

Deadlift....I started at lower weight (145 pounds) and it felt good and easy and I focused on my form.  Next week I will increase the weight. 

Bench Press...This was done outside because my bench was in the shed.  Again, I started light (35 pounds). 

Lastly, I did a cycle of shoulder taps, bent over rows and hamstring curls.

Then I woke up the next morning.  I had pain down my arm and reaching was difficult.  All I could think was this going to happen again.  I don't want to be derailed by this pain but I know benching can sometimes be a problem for me.  Once I started moving, it went away but for the next 3 months, this will be a concern.

Week 2; Day3 (Saturday 3/20/16)

Military Press:  I started at 45 pounds and went up to 55 pounds.  It all felt effing good.  55 pounds wasn't easy but I think I kept good form.  As I said, I need to complete 5 reps of about 115 for the certification.  This morning while pressing I did start to feel that anything is possible.

Romanian Deadlift:  I did these at 45 pounds.  I felt a little torched when I was done...but they felt awesome.  I loved the movement.

The rack at the Peabody Y where I was working the military press and the RDL.  Getting set up. 

I ended with TRX rows.

Good news is I can do TRX rows at the YMCA also.  They have a set up.

The one problem I have with the program is split squats.  Because of my crazy ass toes I cannot do them.  Tried to do them elevated but it just wasn't working.  This part of the program may need to be changed. 

I did stir the pot...

Update...things I meant to say...another concern I have is the extreme fatigue I am having.  I don't know if it is from the heavy lifting, the rheumatoid disease or both.  I am very, very tired

And I got the okay to do TGUs and swings as part of my warm up.  Loving that part of the work out.  An oldie but goodie...yes, I posted this before.

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